Thomas actually got up for breakfast and ate 12 croissants

Took a train to Kyoto no seats

Got Kyoto and realized everything was far apart

Picked trip advisors #1 travel pick fushimi Inari-taisha shrine-bad move. Packed with people Thomas is annoyed. Boyscouts ask to practice English with us

Decide to go on a hunt for bikes 

Find the shop all the have left is a kids electric and one adult electric, ride to try and find the bamboo forest at arishiyama. 

Got a little lost ride down the wrong river but through some beautiful farm land

Finally get to bamboo park 10km later, So many people we can't even bike through the crowds are rushed through by traffic cops

Try to ride around the back way, find one temple and are over it, so hungry , go on a hunt for food only to find everything's closed. Eat at a family mart

Getting dark and cold Decide to bike the 10km back and stop atthe Nijo castle on the way. Get there and it's closed

They are open for a night art show which is another shit show of crowds. Move on return bikes

Get off at hotel stop and get totally lost

try to find food everything's closed. Find one open restaurant they turn us away. Thomas begs them to take us. 

Go home and decide to get the fuck out and head south in the morning