Hunt for hot sand bath 

Took the limited edition throwback train to Ibusuki walked halfway through town, realized it was 10km away

No bus, train not till 530, try to find taxi

Get ride to sand bath and get covered in hot sand on beach

Go to natural hot springs resort and get in separate baths

Catch sunset and walk 3km to train station in the dark- look out for spiders 

Get to station -oyama in the middle of nowherelast stop at the end of Japan 

Train comes in 1.5 hours, no amenities

Hunt for food- find a grocery store, hope it's a slot machine arcade

Find a local restaurant and Thomas tries to buy a Sapporo poster. Waitress just gives him one

We see the japanese tv showMeagan was interviewed for playing on the tv 

Run back to make train-old train comes filled with school kids at 730. Basically on 

Yellow school bus

Don't realize we are supposed to switch 

Get back Thomas finished off the night with some snacks and nuggets familymart