Headed to airport for Okinawa on peach 

Thomas couldn't find food because it was all plastic

Smallest space on a plane of all Time

If plane goes down there is no room to get into safety position

Took one hour I bus and 1 taxi to get to rental car... Low budget travel

Smoothest rental of a car we have done

Then Meagan had to drive car off the lot 

Everything switched here Kept turning on wipers for blinker

What's worse getting locked up abroad for not having Japanese drivers license or Meagan panicking on the road and getting in accident

Find air bnb

Go to American village- cross between Cabo, southbeach and bromosa 

Eat next to annoying Americans 

Eat more calories in one sitting than whole week combined thanks to the burgers and onion rings and fries

Take a drive up coast to Zampa point to see sunset