5 am Buddha ceremony at zenko-ji 

Bought bus tickets to monkey park, missed bus wrong stop, had to take train 

Went to monkey park monkey jumped on Thomas just as Meagan's phone died

Saw monkeys at the day spa

Ran to make the train back

Picked up luggage got on train to Matsumoto left camera bag with passports on train after Thomas almost got crushed by door and had to pry door open like an escape only to realize during check in when asked for passports that bag was left on train panic mode, 

Translated with eniba for 30 minutes about the situation waited I Starbucks for word from Nagoya station, eniba said they "have" bag give paper they give bag

Went back to room unsure hotel concierge came by room to say they heard from station and returned second time and asked to see paper, told be to give it to station attendant