Day 6:

Day 6:

Went on a hunt for breakfast, ended up eating a burger in a mall

Wandered around shibuya and found Thomas's new fav band. Had to buy sweaters 

Went to tsinjuku for dinner Weren't open yet and Thomas got beer to drink on street. Was able to get last res so wandered around red light district while we waited. Thomas got more street beer. Ate sashimi, gyoza, fish with heads, tuna spare ribs from the jaw

Day 5: Chaos Ensues

Day 5: Chaos Ensues

Harajuku stop- Meiji shrine


Harvest fest 



Hunt for sushi through shibuya 

Best sushi place ever- genki sushi 

Walked through shibuya crossing-Meagan got interviewed for Japanese travel show

That night went to golden gai district found Reno bar and little bar that let travelers come in for free. Bartender namedshita was wearing a Reno/Tahoe denim shirt he had found in a vintage shop.  Met a guy Kurt from redondo

Had to make back for 2am curfew. Got to train station to find trains had stopped running. Had to get expensive cab it back to hotel- 145 am

Day 4: Tokyo Scramble

Hotel hunt for Tokyo -holiday weekend crazy prices. Find kimi ryokan 

Get to Tokyo check in. 

Go on hunt for Asahi corporate building (sperm building) in asakusa

Have a drink 

Hunt for food- find spot. Meagan wants hot pot. People eating next to us have to come over and teach us how to use it

Go to English pub. Bartender tries to give Meagan and "American lemonade"

Day 3: Tokyo Bound

Day 3: Tokyo Bound

Ueno- park/shopping streets/Korean bbq place /crepe

Asakusa-Tokyo sky tree/senso ji temple/hunt for Asahi building not time

Catch last train back to narita airport in time to make shuttle for hotel

Day 2: Welcome to Japan

Day 2: Welcome to Japan

Welcome to Tokyo, we decided to touch down in the busiest and the densest populated area in the world. Why you ask? Why the shit not.  There's nothing like stripping yourself of all your ideals, comforts, and understanding of your normal life that you come to take for granted whether you realize it or not.

EX-TRYGHT rips it up in Tokyo near Shibuya Crossing