Day 18: Beach Here We Come

Headed to airport for Okinawa on peach 

Thomas couldn't find food because it was all plastic

Smallest space on a plane of all Time

If plane goes down there is no room to get into safety position

Took one hour I bus and 1 taxi to get to rental car... Low budget travel

Smoothest rental of a car we have done

Then Meagan had to drive car off the lot 

Everything switched here Kept turning on wipers for blinker

What's worse getting locked up abroad for not having Japanese drivers license or Meagan panicking on the road and getting in accident

Find air bnb

Go to American village- cross between Cabo, southbeach and bromosa 

Eat next to annoying Americans 

Eat more calories in one sitting than whole week combined thanks to the burgers and onion rings and fries

Take a drive up coast to Zampa point to see sunset

Day 17:

Meagan tries to explain to front desk shoot Internet and get new room

Go on hunt for jaf in pouring rain

Get lost and a guy directs us to a hostel

Hostel employee types in directions on Thomas's Japanese keyboard 

Find it... Right next to the train station we came out of

no one is there so efficient and everyone polite

Meagan fears she has to take driving test Get translated 

Fish market

Meet jackwho helps us find Japanese the local restaurant supply to find knives 

Another amazing conveyor belt sushi meal

Day 16:

Fried pork for lunch

Souvenir shop

Poster box from post office

Train to Fukuoka- realize we need a Japanese license to rent cars for Okinawa

Thomas left his license in la

Couldn't find hotel

Hotel room didn't have internet/broken tv

Dinner by hotel 

Day 15:

Hunt for hot sand bath 

Took the limited edition throwback train to Ibusuki walked halfway through town, realized it was 10km away

No bus, train not till 530, try to find taxi

Get ride to sand bath and get covered in hot sand on beach

Go to natural hot springs resort and get in separate baths

Catch sunset and walk 3km to train station in the dark- look out for spiders 

Get to station -oyama in the middle of nowherelast stop at the end of Japan 

Train comes in 1.5 hours, no amenities

Hunt for food- find a grocery store, hope it's a slot machine arcade

Find a local restaurant and Thomas tries to buy a Sapporo poster. Waitress just gives him one

We see the japanese tv showMeagan was interviewed for playing on the tv 

Run back to make train-old train comes filled with school kids at 730. Basically on 

Yellow school bus

Don't realize we are supposed to switch 

Get back Thomas finished off the night with some snacks and nuggets familymart

Day 14:

Osaka to Kagoshima

Saw volcano-sakajurima 


Ferry to volcano, boycotted tour bus and walked down 

Hunt for dinner found all Japanese Spanish tapas, had no idea what ordered

No hot sake

Day 13: Not The Kyoto You've Dreamed About

Thomas actually got up for breakfast and ate 12 croissants

Took a train to Kyoto no seats

Got Kyoto and realized everything was far apart

Picked trip advisors #1 travel pick fushimi Inari-taisha shrine-bad move. Packed with people Thomas is annoyed. Boyscouts ask to practice English with us

Decide to go on a hunt for bikes 

Find the shop all the have left is a kids electric and one adult electric, ride to try and find the bamboo forest at arishiyama. 

Got a little lost ride down the wrong river but through some beautiful farm land

Finally get to bamboo park 10km later, So many people we can't even bike through the crowds are rushed through by traffic cops

Try to ride around the back way, find one temple and are over it, so hungry , go on a hunt for food only to find everything's closed. Eat at a family mart

Getting dark and cold Decide to bike the 10km back and stop atthe Nijo castle on the way. Get there and it's closed

They are open for a night art show which is another shit show of crowds. Move on return bikes

Get off at hotel stop and get totally lost

try to find food everything's closed. Find one open restaurant they turn us away. Thomas begs them to take us. 

Go home and decide to get the fuck out and head south in the morning

Day 12: HEP 5, Catch The Disease

Ferris wheel in mall named after std hep5

Hunt for lunch-bbq no English

Wandered through Dotonbori so many people

Went to dinner no English had no idea what we were getting. Tried to communicate through the translate app- got a kabob of chicken skin, throat, liver

Day 11: Black Friday At Crow Castle

Woke up in Matsumoto after bag debacle and went to castle crow Matsumoto-jo

Weather snowed then sunny then snowed then sunny

Atm search for money

Sake brewery excursion 

Best fried chicken of all time bakery marusho

Ran to make the train in time headed to Osaka all non reserve

Transfer Thomas had to stand watched men go in and out of smoking room on train 

Made it found hotel and restaurant described as "hella good" got turned away

Thomas used ashtray as ramaken for soy sauce.... Meagan was told she was small for a supermodel

Day 10: Thanksgiving, Day Of Reckoning

Day 10: Thanksgiving, Day Of Reckoning

Went after bag " great bag hunt" to the largest train station in Japan with only a paper with copy of ticket and Japanese characters

Wandered around station Nagoya for 30 minutes showing paper

Lost and found had it rejoice,no time back on train

Stopped in nagiso and went to tsumago in kisi valley in Japan's alps walked saw ruins 

Made it to tiny village chop sticks

Bus back went on dessert hunt and found beer and partied in room

Heated sake in tea pot

Day 9: Coulda Been The Best, Almost Was The Worst

Day 9: Coulda Been The Best, Almost Was The Worst

5 am Buddha ceremony at zenko-ji 

Bought bus tickets to monkey park, missed bus wrong stop, had to take train 

Went to monkey park monkey jumped on Thomas just as Meagan's phone died

Saw monkeys at the day spa

Ran to make the train back

Picked up luggage got on train to Matsumoto left camera bag with passports on train after Thomas almost got crushed by door and had to pry door open like an escape only to realize during check in when asked for passports that bag was left on train panic mode, 

Translated with eniba for 30 minutes about the situation waited I Starbucks for word from Nagoya station, eniba said they "have" bag give paper they give bag

Went back to room unsure hotel concierge came by room to say they heard from station and returned second time and asked to see paper, told be to give it to station attendant

Day 8: Fish Market or Heaven

Day 8: Fish Market or Heaven

Fish market in Tokyo early morning 

Train to Nagano got a room on the way at 4 star under 100 had to compete with figure skating championships 

Went to temple zenko jito check it out

Went to get warm sake and beer because of the cold